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Which of the following are state functions? H, E, P, V
a) H b) E c) P and V d) All are state functions
Ice melting is an * process.
a) endothermic b) exothermic c) d)
On a road trip from Denver to Breckenridge, altitude change * a state function and distance travelled * .
a) is not, is b) is, is not c) is, is d) is not, is not
You are holding a beaker in which a reaction is happening. If the reaction is endothermic the beaker will feel * and if exothermic, it will feel * .
a) cold, hot b) hot, cold c) There is not a temperature change in endo or exothermic reactions. d)
An insulated thermos containing hot coffee approximates a(n)
a) closed system b) open system c) isolated system d)
When a system gains heat, the value of q is
a) positive b) negative c) not enough information to determine d)
Exothermic means the system has * heat and the value is * .
a) gained, negative b) gained, positive c) lost, negative d) lost, positive
The energy of motion is * and the energy of position is * .
a) potential, kinetic b) kinetic, potential c) d)
An uncovered pot of boiling water on a stove is a(n)
a) closed system b) open system c) isolated system d)
A mixture of H2 and O2 gases in a cylinder fitted with a piston is a(n)
a) closed system b) open system c) isolated system d)
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