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I will _______ a button on my pants.
a) so b) sew c) soo d) sow
I picked a ______ from the tree
a) pear b) pair c) pare d) par
I raised my hand because I _____ the answer.
a) new b) now c) knew d) know
We were going to _____ house
a) there b) their c) they're d) theer
My belly hurts from _____ much candy.
a) two b) to c) too d) tow
The team _____ the boat to shore.
a) road b) rode c) rowed d) rowd
My best friend has _____ cats.
a) too b) two c) to d) tow
I put on a jacket because it was _____.
a) chili b) chilly c) chilley d) chillie
Is ______ a new movie showing?
a) their b) there c) they're d) three
We worked hard to dig the ______.
a) hole b) whole c) houl d) whoul
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