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Paul is more tall ( taller ) than Eric
a) moins b) plus c) aussi d) not this one
Jolene is less elegant that Marie.
a) moins b) plus c) aussi d) not this one
French is as difficult as math.
a) moins b) plus c) aussi d) not this one
Fred est plus timide que Tom.
a) less shy b) more shy c) as shy d) not this one
La gymnsastique est plus amusante que la biologie.
a) less fun b) as fun c) more fun d) not this one
Le chemise est aussi cher que le pantalon.
a) as expensive b) more expensive c) less expensive d) not this one
Mme Jesonowski est aussi intelligente que M. Stampone.
a) more intelligent b) less intelligent c) as intelligent d) not this one
La chime est plus difficile que l'anglais.
a) more difficult b) as difficult c) less difficult d) not this one
Beyonce est aussi jolie que Rihanna.
a) less pretty b) more pretty c) as pretty d) not this one
Nous sommes moins rapides que vous.
a) less quick b) as quick c) more quick d) not this one
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