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The volume of 1 mol of a gas in liters at STP is
a) 22.4 L b) 44.8 L c) 11.2 L d) 6.02 x 1023 L
What is the gram formula mass of Ca(OH)2?
a) 29g b) 74g c) 57g d) 34g
How many molecules are in 38 g of F2 gas?
a) 12 x 1023 molecules b) 3.0 x 1023 molecules c) 6.0 x 1023 molecules d) 9.0 x 1023 molecules
How many moles of copper are equivalent to 3.44 × 1023 molecules of copper?
a) 1.75 moles b) 5.71 x 1022 moles c) 5.41 x 1021 moles d) 0.571 moles
What is the mass of 2 moles of HgO?
a) 108 g b) 433 g c) 323 g d) 217 g
Which substance has the greatest molecule mass?
a) H2O2 b) CF4 c) I2 d) NO
What mass of carbon dioxide gas occupies a volume 22.4 L at STP?
a) 22.0 g b) 88.0 g c) 66.0 g d) 44.0 g
A student has one mole of an unknown compound in a test tube. The mass of the compound is 58.4 g. The compound could be
a) CaCl2 b) CuCl c) AgNO3 d) NaCl
How many moles are in 5.6 L of O2(g) at STP?
a) 1.0 moles b) 0.25 moles c) 0.50 moles d) 0.75 moles
At STP, 170 g of NH3 gas will occupy a total of
a) 224 L b) 2240 L c) 2.24 L d) 22.4 L
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