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A puffy cloud in a middle altitude is a(n) ________ cloud.
a) altocumulus b) cumulonimbus c) cirrostratus d) cirrocumulus
In what part of the water cycle do clouds form?
a) condensation b) runoff c) evaporation d) precipitation
A cloud that may extend from low to high altitudes is a(n) _________ cloud.
a) cumulonibus b) cirrus c) cirrostratus d) altocumulus
This is the amount of water vapor in the air.
a) humidity b) condensation c) precipitation d) dew point
A layered cloud made of ice crystals is a(n) ________ cloud.
a) cirrostratus b) cirrus c) cumulonimbus d) stratus
This is the temperature the air must cool to be saturated.
a) dew point b) humidity c) precipitation d) condensation
A cloud that forms near the ground is known as this.
a) fog b) stratus c) humidity d) cirrus
This is a puffy white cloud with a flat bottom.
a) cumulus b) altostratus c) cirrus d) stratus
This is the process in which water vapor turns to a liquid.
a) condensation b) fog c) precipitation d) humidity
Layered clouds that have large coverage areas are known as _______ clouds.
a) stratus b) cumulonimbus c) cirrus d) cumulus
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