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Falling apart automobile
a) jalopy b) regal c) shrine d) squalor
Protected from a disease
a) susceptible b) bereft c) accosting d) immunized
Grand; fit for royalty
a) regal b) optimism c) resentment d) vapors
Looks on the more positive side of events or conditions
a) vapors b) capricious c) optimism d) menacing
Visible breath, as fog, mist, steam, smoke, or gas
a) forlorn b) vapors c) jalopy d) cot
Approach boldly or aggressively
a) accosting b) yearning c) squalor d) susceptible
Saving something from fire, danger, etc.
a) capricious b) resentment c) bereft d) salvage
Depressed, gloomy
a) despondent b) accosting c) menacing d) jalopy
A light, portable bed
a) bereft b) dwindled c) cot d) immunized
Easily influenced; weak
a) susceptible b) condolences c) optimism d) regal
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