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When water vapor condenses onto dust particles, this creates:
a) clouds b) chemical energy c) fire d)
Which of the following is NOT a type of electromagnetic energy?
a) electricity b) x-rays c) microwaves d)
Recycling paper and plastics is a method of:
a) conserving fossil fuels b) wasting fossil fuels c) causing air pollution d)
The air currents in the Northern Hemisphere rotate in a(n):
a) northern pattern b) clockwise rotation c) east-to-west movement d)
Which of the following gets its energy from warm humid air?
a) humans b) airplanes c) hurricanes d)
Non-renewable means that resources will:
a) never return b) multiply quickly c) come from plants d)
Coal is an example of:
a) fossil fuels b) renewable resource c) a christmas present d)
The Sun's radiation is strongest at the Earth
a) the equator b) bottom of the ocean c) south pole d)
a rock sitting on a table is an example of:
a) kinetic energy b) negative energy c) potential energy d)
Driving to work, instead of walking, is an example of:
a) consuming fossil fuels b) conserving fossil fuels c) taking a nap d)
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