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The sun smiled down on us.
a) Metaphor b) Simile c) Onomatopoeia d) Personification
Book is to read as TV is to watch
a) Metaphor b) Analogy c) Hyperbole d) Onomatopoeia
It is a million degrees outside!
a) Hyperbole b) Simile c) Personification d) Analogy
Her hair looks like gold.
a) Hyperbole b) Metaphor c) Simile d) Onomatopoeia
"GRRRRRRRRRRR" went the dog as his favorite toy was taken away.
a) Hyperbole b) Analogy c) Personification d) Onomatopoeia
The downpour is a wall making us walk slowly to our car.
a) Simile b) Onomatopoeia c) Metaphor d) Personification
The tree cried as her leaves fell.
a) Hyperbole b) Onomatopoeia c) Analogy d) Personification
Today has been as boring as watching paint dry.
a) Metaphor b) Simile c) Analogy d) Personification
Apple is to banana as ranch dressing is to bleu cheese dressing
a) Onomatopoeia b) Analogy c) Simile d) Personification
Whoosh! went the airplane above us.
a) Metaphor b) Personification c) Analogy d) Onomatopoeia
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