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The classification level with the smallest number of organisms is the
a) Kingdom b) Class c) Phylum d) Species
How are Plants and Fungi different?
a) Plants are eukaryotic, Fungi are Prokaryotic. b) Plants are unicellular, Fungi are multicellular c) Plants are autotrophs, Fungi are heterotrophs. d) Plants have a cell was, Fungi do not
Fish, turtles, and potatoes would be examples of organisms known as
a) Fungi b) Eukaryotes c) Heterotrophs d) Unicellular
What is the scientific name for the coyote?
a) canis latrans b) Canis Latrans c) Canis latrans d) canis Latrans
. Plants A and B are classified in the same species. Plants C and D are classified in the same genus as A and B, but not the same species as A and B. According to this informati
a) Plant A has many common characteristics with Plant B. b) Plant A and B belong to a different kingdom than C and D. c) Plant A, B, C, D must all belong to a different phylum d) Plant C and D can’t be in the same species
All the changes that take place during an organism’s life are part of
a) growth and development b) need for energy c) Ability to reproduce d) response to stimuli
Which of the following is not one of the five kingdoms of living things?
a) Animalia b) Protista c) Archebacteria d) Plantae
Where does a plant get energy for making food?
a) air b) soil c) water d) sunlight
Organisms that do not have a nucleus are found in the kingdom
a) Monera b) Fungi c) Plantae d) Protista
Organisms that have a nucleus are called
a) Autotrophs b) Heterotrophs c) Eukaryotic d) Prokaryotic
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