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Which of the following is a characteristic of all arthropods?
a) simple, single-lens eyes b) setae c) jointed appendages d) jaws
All of the following are arthropods except
a) crustaceans b) echinoderms c) arachnids d) insects
How do most arachnids consume food?
a) sucking liquid food into the stomach b) ingesting pieces of plant leaves and stems c) tearing and swallowing small chunks of flesh d) swallowing small invertebrates whole
An arthropod's exoskeleton performs all of the following functions except
a) production of gametes b) protection of internal organs c) support of the animal's body d) preventing loss of body water
What are the three main body segments in arthropods?
a) cephalothorax, abdomen and appendages b) thorax, appendages and spiracles c) head, cephalothorax and appendages d) head, thorax and abdomen
Oxygen is moved around the body of an echinoderm in its
a) madreporite b) bony plates c) water vascular system d) arms
Chordates possess all of the following structures except
a) pharyngeal pouches b) fins c) notochord d) hollow nerve chord
Gas exchange in an echinoderm takes place through
a) book lungs b) skin gills c) lungs d) none of the above
All of the following are traits of echinoderms except
a) five-part radial symmetry b) a pair of antennae c) tube feet d) and internal skeleton
A sea star attaches to a solid surface with its
a) endoskeleton b) madreporite c) ossicles d) tube feet
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