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The Supreme court determines the ____________________ of laws and government actions.
a) due process b) constitutionality c) amendability d) naturalization
The constitutional protections against unfair government actions and laws is known as ____.
a) judicial review b) naturalization c) due process d) the First Amendment
Which two amendments to the U.S. Constitution protect our due process rights?
a) 1st & 5th b) 5th & 7th c) 5th & 14th d) 10th & 16th
If a law has been broken the case is considered to be a ____.
a) civil case b) appeals case c) criminal case d) awards case
Which of the following courts hears cases dealing with juveniles?
a) Virginia Supreme Court b) Virginia Court of Appeals c) General District Court d) Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
The authority to hear a court case for the first time is known as ____.
a) appellate jurisdiction b) originial jurisdiction c) federal jurisdiction d) state jurisdiction
The authority to hear a case that is on appeal is known as _____.
a) originial jurisdicition b) court jurisdiction c) appellate jurisdiction d) federal jurisdiction
The United States has a _______ court system.
a) bicameral b) trio c) dual d) tricameral
Which document establishes the organization and jurisdiction of the Virginia court system?
a) U.S.Constitution b) U.S. Court of Appeals c) VA Constitution d) VA Declaration of Rights
Which of the following is NOT a step in a criminal case?
a) Arrest b) Bail Hearing c) Arraignment d) Interview
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