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To make angry
a) bellow b) tormentor c) rile d) vice
To walk in a conceited or cocky manner; to strut
a) sprawl b) inclined c) bellow d) swagger
Unfeeling, cruel; merciless
a) hardhearted b) vice c) bellow d) aggravate
A style or way of behaving, an appearance linked to a person or object
a) tormentor b) trademark c) vice d) rile
To utter with a deep, loud voice; to roar
a) swagger b) rile c) bellow d) aggravate
One who causes great physical or mental suffering
a) tormentor b) swagger c) aggravate d) vice
Evil conduct; also a bad habit
a) rile b) vice c) inclined d) bellow
Having a tendency; likely to to something
a) vice b) inclined c) bellow d) sprawl
To sit/lie with the limbs stretched out carelessly
a) swagger b) inclined c) bellow d) sprawl
To irritate or annoy
a) tormentor b) aggravate c) hardhearted d) swagger
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