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Changes in an object's position as compared to objects around it is ____________________.
a) velocity b) motion c) friction d) speed
An object's location or place is referred to as it's
a) gravity b) position c) force d) velocity
A measure of the distance an object travels in a certain period of time is it's ______________.
a) device b) position c) force d) speed
A measure of speed in a certain direction is called ___________________.
a) force b) velocity c) speed d) angle
_______________________ is a force that pulls objects toward each other.
a) Pull b) Push c) Momentum d) Gravity
The force that slows or stops the motion of and object is called ________________.
a) friction b) a wall c) velocity d) resistance
What kind of force moves an object away?
a) pull b) push c) wall d) gravity
When turning a corner, your speed may not change but your ________________ will change
a) gravity b) friction c) temperature d) velocity
Who discovered the laws of inertia?
a) Franklin b) Newton c) Edison d) Thomas
An object with a larger mass requires a greater _____________than a lighter object to slow or stop.
a) gravity b) pull c) friction d) velocity
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