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to dig a tunnel in the earth
a) mold b) burrow c) texture d) imprint
to explode
a) erupt b) climate c) moisture d) protection
seeing or finding something for the first time
a) soot b) burrow c) volcano d) discovery
an image left when an object is pressed into something
a) moisture b) imprint c) mold d) shallow
being close to the bottom
a) climate b) protection c) moisture d) shallow
the look and feel of something
a) prehistoric b) soot c) texture d) mold
a hollow form made in a special shape
a) imprint b) mold c) shallow d) texture
the weather in an area
a) climate b) texture c) shallow d) volcano
a hole in the earth that throws out smoke, ashes, and melted rock
a) discovery b) burrow c) volcano d) mold
belonging to a time many years ago
a) prehistoric b) imprint c) erupt d) soot
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