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People who are qualified to vote
a) political parties b) conservative c) candidate d) electorate
Opposed to change, keeping the same view
a) conservative b) electorate c) candidate d) liberal
Broad-minded, open to change
a) conservative b) candidate c) liberal d) editor
Groups into which people are aligned by their views on public issues/questions
a) bias b) political parties c) electorate d) mass media
Working to bring about a desired result such as the election of a person to an office
a) Political Center b) Nominating c) Campaign issues d) Campaigning
Political concerns/questons
a) campaign issues b) electorate c) nominating d) recruiting
Naming a person to run for office
a) political parties b) propaganda c) nominating d) sources
Particular doctrines/information spread through a particular group which may or may not be true
a) op-ed pieces b) propaganda c) text book d) editorials
a) bias b) conservative c) source d) point of view
Radio, television, computers, newspaper, magazines
a) mass media b) bias c) tecnology d) propaganda
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