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The intersection of a column and a row
a) cell reference b) cell c) formula d) name box
What is the cell reference if the you are in Column Z and Row 100
a) 100Z b) Z10 c) Z d) Z100
This bar allows you to see the content of your cell. You can also use this bar to make changes to the cell's content
a) name b) autosum c) show/hide d) formula
If you want to get to AA15,897, what is the quickest way
a) enter the information in the name box b) scroll until you get there c) enter the information in the formula bar d) double click on A! and choose Ctrl End
An Excel file is also called a
a) worksheet b) workbook c) spreadsheet d) sheet tab
To add an additional sheet, you would right mouse click and choose
a) rename b) cell c) color d) insert
Rows run
a) horizontal b) long c) vertical d) short
This runs vertical
a) rows b) cell c) columns d) name box
All formulas start with this
a) plus sign b) sum c) equal sign d) ()
You want to add a series of cells, which one is the correct way
a) B1+B12 b) =B1:B12 c) =SUM(B1:B12 d) =SUM(B1:B12)
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