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Which duty of a citizen deals with the military?
a) All young men must sign up for selective service b) All soldiers must serve for 5 years minimum c) All women must sign up for selective service d) All people must pay a military tax
Which of the following is NOT a duty of a citizen?
a) Pay Taxes b) Jury or a witness in court c) Obey Laws d) Vote
How can someone become a citizen?
a) Birth b) They can\'t c) Both birth and naturalization d) Naturalization
Which Amendment tells us who a citizen is?
a) 14 b) 21 c) 17 d) 15
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility?
a) Register to vote b) Be Trustworthy c) participate in political campaigns d) Serve in voluntary appointed positions
Which responsibility is Jane using when she emails her congressman?
a) Communicate with government officials to influence government b) Obey Laws c) Pay Taxes d) Serve in voluntary appointed positions
Which responsibility is done when you watch the news?
a) Support your local tv station b) Participate in campaigns c) Keep informed regarding current issues d) Vote
The first amendment freedoms of petition and assembly work with what responsibility?
a) Serve in voluntary positions b) Hold elective office c) Register to vote d) Respect others\' right to an equal voice in government
You can participate in community service by all of the following except:
a) Volunteer to support deomcratic institutions b) Running for political office c) Help to make the community a good place to work and live d) Express concern about the welfare of the community as a whole
Which of the following is not a trait of a good citizen?
a) Trustworthiness b) Bully c) Participate in the school or community d) Patriotism
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