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The union of a sperm and an egg is known as
a) infertility b) reproduction c) fertilization d) maturity
Sperm are produced in
a) the urethra b) cervix c) testes d) bladder
Complete the analogy: Sperm is to testosterone as eggs are to
a) pelvis b) hormones c) ovaries d) estrogen
The body\\\'s first line of defense against communicable disease is/are...
a) skin b) saliva c) hair d) none of the above
A state of being protected against a particular disease is called
a) immunity b) infection c) B-cells d) antigens
Complete the analogy: Pathogens is to disease as viruses are to
a) body cells b) tetnaus c) AIDS d) protein coats
Antibiotic are:
a) Contagious-can be transmitted b) over the counter (OTC) c) Group of drugs that destroy or inhibit growth of disease causing bacteria d) can be shared by everyone who is sick in your family
A baby develops in
a) cervix b) uterus c) ovaries d) fallopian tubes
Eggs are produced here
a) ovaries b) cervix c) fallopian tubes d) uterus
Best way to take care of a cold
a) go to school and infect everyone b) take some Nyquil and hope you feel better in the morning c) sleep d) Eat healthy, sleep, and take medicine
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