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A person's signature
a) answer b) signature c) label d) autograph
allowing for something to happen
a) permission b) ability c) autograph d) void
a price charged to transport a person
a) price b) fee c) fare d) fair
To say something suddenly, without thinking
a) blurted b) shouted c) yelled d) remarked
Closed or squeezed together tightly
a) smashed b) clenched c) verizon d) homophone
Unusual or remarkable
a) spectatular b) surprising c) uprising d) weird
Chipped or shaped by a metal tool
a) chopped b) spectacular c) autograph d) chiseled
To heat to a temperature just below boiling
a) scald b) scold c) fair d) fare
Words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings
a) homographs b) homophone c) phonograph d) blurted
Separating people into groups based on social class, traits or race.
a) manipulation b) assumption c) grouping d) segregation
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