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A female dog raises a kitten along with her puppies, this relationship is example of:
a) mutualism b) parasitism c) commensalisms d)
Plants give the atmosphere:
a) nitrogen b) helium c) oxygen d)
Biomass means the amount of plants in an ecosystem, on a energy pyramid which level would have the greatest biomass?
a) producers b) primary consumer c) tertiary consumer d)
Abiotic factors represent what in an ecosystem?
a) non living factors b) living factors c) number of species d)
Photosynthesis is a form of:
a) autotrophic nutrition b) heterotrophic nutrition c) evaporation d)
Organisms that break down animal or plant material when it dies are called:
a) producers b) consumers c) decomposers d)
When a pond freezes, the top part freezes first. That is because:
a) ice is less dense b) water freezes into a solid c) its just happens that way d)
How do plants return water to the atmosphere?
a) evaporation b) transpiration c) precipitation d)
What is a producer?
a) animal b) human c) plant d)
What term best describes a symbiotic relationship in which one species is helped and the other harmed?
a) mutualism b) consumerism c) parasitism d)
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