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The energy stored in the motion or vibration of molecules in a substance is a definition for
a) Heat b) Electromagnetism c) Radioactivity d) Work
Uranium and ________________ are needed to run a nuclear reactor.
a) Gold b) Carbon dioxide c) Silver d) Water
Which of these has the least chemical energy?
a) a candy bar b) a gallon of gasoline c) a gallon of milk d) a gold brick
Gravitational potential energy is the energy something contains due to its ___________________ the Earth.
a) Weight on b) Attraction towards c) Position above d) Velocity on
You go to a bowling alley, get your ball, and roll a strike on the first try. In which situation does your bowling ball have the most kinetic energy?
a) When it\'s on the counter b) Right about it has knocked down all of the bowling pins c) As it''s rolling down the lane toward the bowling pins d) While your arm is moving backwards
Which of these examples has the most kinetic energy?
a) A fully charged car battery b) A car pointing downhill with its parking brake on c) A skydiver floating down on a parachute d) A cat just before it pounces
Which of these examples has the most potential energy?
a) A car's shock absorber b) A lightning bolt hitting a tree c) A volcano just before it erupts d) A race car moving at 200 km/s
Which of these is an example of energy being converted from one form into another form of energy?
a) gas to heat b) gold to silver c) silver to gold d) rock to rock
When energy is being transformed what is lost at every step of the way?
a) heat b) water c) power d) friction
______________________ energy is the energy contained in a moving object.
a) kinetic b) potential c) chemical d) electromagnetic
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