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Mary has brown (hybrid) hair. Billy Bob has (pure) blond hair. What is the chance their children will have blond hair?
a) 0% b) 75% c) 50% d) 25%
Sam is a homozygous long eyelashes (L) and married Shelly who has short eyelashes. What is the chance their children will have long eyelashes?
a) 0% b) answer not given c) 100% d) 50%
Which is the genotype for hetreozygous long eyelashes?
a) LL b) LL AND Ll c) Ll d) ll
What is the phenotype for Ll? L=long l=short
a) Hetrozygous short eyelashes b) Homozygous long eyelashes c) Homozygous short eyelashes d) Hetrozygous long eyelashes
What is the phenotype for ll? L=long l=short
a) Purebred short lashes b) Hybrid short lashes c) Hybrid long lashes d) Purebred long lashes
Cross between Heterozygous (Bb) parents. What is the probability of having a child with the genotype bb?
a) 0% b) 75% c) 50% d) 25%
Cross between a Homozygous dominant (BB) parent and a Heterozygous (Bb) parent, the probability of BB?
a) 0% b) 75% c) 50% d) 25%
Which is demontrating a homozygous dominant genotype?
a) Ll b) short eyelashes c) LL d) Long eyelashes
Which is demontrating a hybrid genotype?
a) LL b) homozygous short c) homozygous long d) Ll
Johnny had a green dragon (GG). He found a yellow dragon (gg) and soon there were little dragons fllying around the cave. What is % of all the dragons being green?
a) 0% b) 100% c) 50% d) 25%
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