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What is a stream that feeds into a larger river?
a) millet b) tributary c) maize d) cavalry
What is a type of corn?
a) millet b) maize c) mutton d) clan
What is the word for meat from sheep?
a) mutton b) millet c) maize d) jade
What is a type of grain?
a) millet b) mutton c) maize d) logographs
What is the name for the tusk or teeth of an elephant?
a) jade b) ivory c) clan d) logograph
What is a precious stone that is usually green?
a) jade b) ivory c) logographs d) clan
What is a large group of friends and family?
a) cavalry b) clan c) logographs d) mutton
What are soldiers who ride on horses?
a) cavalry b) clan c) logographs d) ivory
What is a logographs?
a) jade b) ivory c) a written character that represents a word d) tributary
Who is Mr. Wannamaker's favorite epic hero?
a) Sam from Seedfolks b) Mr. Block c) Gilgamesh d) Hammurabi
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