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Which one of the following is NOT a simple machine?
a) lever b) pulley c) hammer d) inclined plane
Which description does the phrase
a) The same amount of work using less force. b) The same amount of power using less work. c) The same amount of work using less power. d) The same amount of power using less pulleys.
Why are all machines NOT 100% efficient?
a) mass b) gravity c) friction d) distance
What makes simple machines useful for people without enough strength to complete a task?
a) Work is reduced, while time is decreased b) Input force is reduced, while time is increased. c) Power is increased, while distance is decreased. d) Input force is reduced, while distance is increased
How can the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane be expressed as a ratio?
a) length/time b) mass/length ^2 c) length/height d) length * height
Wedges are used to ____________ things.
a) Separate b) accelerate c) slow down d) change the direction of
Which of these items is NOT a wedge?
a) axe b) knife c) ramp d) ice pick
What form of simple machine is a hammer?
a) lever b) screw c) pulley d) inclined plane
A screw is most closely related to a _____________.
a) pulley b) wedge c) wheel and axle d) inclined plane (ramp)
When using a lever, what is the input force called?
a) work b) effort c) fulcrum d) resistance
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