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art of developing a character
a) alliteration b) characterization c) climax d) conflict
using vivid language to describe something
a) climax b) conflict c) imagery d) irony
time and place that a story occurs
a) theme b) tone c) mood d) setting
the most exciting moment in a story, a turning point
a) free verse b) imagery c) setting d) climax
struggle between 2 or more characters in a story
a) alliteration b) characterization c) conflict d) hyperbole
lines in poetry without rhyme
a) free verse b) climax c) mood d) simile
atmosphere or feeling created in a story
a) irony b) mood c) imagery d) symbol
the author's message
a) mood b) conflict c) theme d) tone
author's attitude towards his or her subject
a) mood b) hyperbole c) personification d) tone
rhymed words at the end of lines in poetry
a) onomatopoeia b) alliteration c) mood d) rhyme scheme
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