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What is the name of the supercontinent.
a) Pangea b) Laurasia c) Australia d) None of the above
What is the name of the plate under europe
a) Eurasion Plate b) Pacific Plate c) North American Plate d) All of the Above
Where are the most volcaonoes located.
a) Indonesia b) Japan c) Pacific ring of Fire d) Plateu of tibet
What is the name of the place above the focus of an earthquake.
a) Focus b) Strike-slip fault c) Reverse fault d) Epicenter
this form fo mass wasting is the slowest kind and sometimes only moves 10 cm
a) creep b) Slump c) rockslide d) avalanche
what is another name for a compostite volcanoe.
a) cinder-cone b) shield c) stratovolcano d) None of the above
Which of these is NOT an effect of ash.
a) Trouble breathing b) slurry when mixed with water c) eye irritation d) ear ache
True or false magma with low viscosity is thick.
a) True b) False c) d)
Does magma run down a volcano
a) false b) true c) d)
what is the yellow mineral sometimes found in the gases fo a volcanoe.
a) muscovite b) sulfur c) magnetite d) adelite
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