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Which is a definition for matter?
a) nothing b) everything with volume and mass c) everything that takes up space d) everything you can measure
Mass is measured using
a) triple beam balance b) graduated cylinder c) scale d) ruler
If we want to measure liters of volume we use
a) triple beam balance b) scales c) graduated cylinder d) test tube
Intermolecular forces are the forces that
a) cause particles to increase in motion b) pull particles apart c) create motion in particles d) attract particles to each other
Which has the most energy associated with its particles (most movement)
a) solid b) liquid c) plasma d) gas
A solid has defined _________ and __________.
a) space and volume b) movement and volume c) shape and space d) shape and volume
In this phase of matter, the particles are extremely excited and move rapidly
a) plasma b) gas c) liquid d) solid
The phases of matter are physical or chemical descriptions
a) chemical b) neither chemical nor physical c) both chemical and physical d) physical
As thermal energy is added to a system, it is considered to be:
a) exothermic b) cooling off c) endothermic d) melting
Condensation occurs when
a) solids heat/melt to liquids b) gases cool to liquids (exothermic) c) liquids cool/freeze to solids d) gases heat to plasma
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