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a) smile b) walk c) chant d) cheer
to jog
a) faire du jogging b) jouer des jogging c) jog d) jouer au jogging
to do weightlifting
a) l\\\'halterophilie b) l\\\'equitation c) promener d) natation
promener un chien
a) to have a big appetite b) to ride a dog c) to walk a dog d) to have a green thumb
faire de l\\\'halterophilie
a) to do headstands b) to do jumping jacks c) to do jiujitsu d) to do weightlifting
a) to run b) to jog c) to walk d) to crawl
faire de l\\\'equitation
a) to go horseback riding b) to go bobsledding c) to go mountain climbing d) to go away
faire des sports d\\\'equipe
a) to do extreme sports b) to do adventure sports c) to do team sports d) to do a karate chop
faire du velo
a) watch the Simpsons b) go jogging c) go horseback riding d) go cycling
faire de la natation
a) to do swimming b) to go cycling c) to eat cheese d) to play wii
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