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On school computers, Windows if one of these:
a) Multimedia b) Operating System c) Database d) CPU
Who is a person who tries to electronically break into another computer user's information?
a) Burglar b) Hacker c) Programmer d) System Analyst
The _________ feature lets you see your document in smaller or larger sizes.
a) Font b) View c) Zoom d) Margin
The two paper orientations are portrait and _______.
a) Landscape b) Legal c) Canvas d) Letter
What does
a) Professional Community b) Personal Commitment c) Professional Computer d) Personal Computer
What key do you press if you want to indent text?
a) Tab b) Shift c) Home d) Backspace
What do you call a program that destroys or harms data on the computer?
a) Hackers b) Ethics c) Virus d) Spam
At the top right corner of your screen, there are three icons. Which icon do your click to have your window stay open, yet it is not displayed on the screen?
a) Restore Down b) Minimize c) Close d) Maximize
What is spam?
a) Email Message b) Search Engine c) Junk Email d) Voice Mail
The ________ bar is located at the bottom of your screen and it has the Start Button on the left and the time on the right.
a) Title b) Task c) Status d) Menu
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