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a) pacifist b) dissent c) socialist d) mobilization
People who believe industries should be publicly owned
a) socialist b) armistice c) front d) pacifist
The gathering of resources and preparation for war
a) alliance system b) socialist c) mobilization d) reparations
The line of battle
a) reparations b) front c) dissent d) sabotage
An agreement to end the fighting
a) dissent b) pacifist c) entente d) armistice
Information designed to influence people
a) espionage b) front c) propaganda d) mobilization
An understanding among nations
a) entente b) armistice c) propaganda d) socialist
The defense agreements among nations
a) alliance system b) dissent c) pacifist d) sabotage
a) front b) alliance system c) entente d) espionage
Secret action to damage a war effort
a) espionage b) front c) pacifist d) sabotage
loyalty to a nation and promotion of its interests
a) nationalism b) militarism c) propaganda d) obese
government in which one person has unlimited power
a) league of nations b) autocracy c) ethnic groups d) imperialism
wilson peace plan to end WW1 and restructure Europe
a) league of nations b) fourteen points c) reparations d) imperialism
an association of nations to preserve peace and resolve international disputes
a) fourteen points b) league of nations c) armistice d) balance of power
payment by the losing country in a war to the winner for the damages caused by the war
a) sabotage b) autocracy c) pacifist d) reparations
actions used by one nation to exercise control over smaller or weaker nations
a) militarism b) imperialism c) nationalism d) alliance system
a group that travels with something such as a ship to protect it
a) convoy b) front c) fleet d) armistice
a person opposed to war or violence to settle disputes
a) pacifist b) dissent c) socialist d) nationalist
a minority that speaks a different language or follows different customs than the majority of people in a country
a) alliance b) nationalist c) ethnic group d) dissent group
distribution of power among nations
a) balance of power b) balance of harmony c) nationalism d) patriotism
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