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The man lacked the ( ) to fit in at the elegant party.
a) suavity b) fusillade c) impulse d) nullify
Be prepared for the results of the Student Council election to be ( ) in the next few days.
a) withering b) nullified c) apathy d) acute
Before going apple picking my mother told me that what we pick we must enjoy in a timely fashion because they will ( ) fairly quickly.
a) sullen b) impulse c) wither d) fusillade
After taking the quiz I was ( ) the rest of the day because I did not prepare myself enough for today's quiz.
a) spanner b) apathy c) nullify d) sullen
I could not ( ) myself from my mom's plans to go shopping at the outlets this weekend.
a) acute b) suavity c) extricate d) fusillade
Could you please pass me the ( ) ?
a) impulse b) suavity c) apathy d) spanner
The sound of the axe striking the tree stump sounded like a ( ).
a) nullify b) fusillade c) withering d) sullen
All of a sudden I felt an ( ) pain in my right leg.
a) acute b) sullen c) impulse d) suavity
I had a sudden ( ) to raise my hand and answer today's daily question.
a) impulse b) extricate c) nullify d) sullen
The students showed ( ) toward the assignment so therefore their final project was not their best work.
a) acute b) nullify c) suavity d) apathy
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