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When two continental plates smash into each other, they produce
a) an earthquake b) mountains c) fault d)
The Nile River begins in east Africa and flows north to the
a) Mediterranean Sea b) Red Sea c) Atlantic Ocean d)
Jews believe the Ten Commandments are God's laws revealed to the prophet
a) Saul b) David c) Moses d)
According to Christians, the Messiah that the Jews were waiting for was
a) Jesus b) Solomon c) Moses d)
Muslims must fulfill obligations called the
a) five pillars of faith b) ten commandments c) ramadan d)
In Pakistan, people use Sindhi and Punjabi as their
a) art work b) religions c) major languages d)
Which of the following countries is an island
a) Macau b) Taiwan c) Tibet d)
China's communist leader who made China a more open country was
a) Deng Xiaoping b) Mao Zedong c) Chiang Kai-shek d)
Hong Kong and Macau are Chinese cities that were once controlled by a
a) Spanish country b) European country c) Asian country d)
Laos and Vietnam both have
a) Royal families b) Democratic governments c) Communist governments d)
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