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India won its independence from which country in 1947?
a) Great Britian b) China c) Singapore d) Egypt
India's society is organized into social clesses based on a person's....
a) race b) Ancestry c) religion d)
The most industrialized country in Southwest Asia is...
a) Turkey b) Israel c) Iraq d)
The first known people to live in North America were the...
a) Berbers b) Arabs c) Romans d)
Sri Lanka lies on an important ocean shipping route between Asia and
a) Australia b) Antarctic c) Africa d)
The Phillipians spent more than 300 years as a
a) European b) Spanish c) Asian d)
What type of government does Great Britain have?
a) Constitutional Monarchy b) Dictatorship c) Democratic d)
The tropics are areas that lie near the
a) south pole b) north pole c) equator d)
A main reason why our world is "shrinking" is because of
a) technology b) less water c) less land d)
Democracy is a form of
a) unlimited government b) limited government c) d)
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