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The deciduous trees were bare by December1.
a) shedding leaves ever year b) c) d) dead or dying
Seedlings had sprouted from the seeds we planted.
a) small, new plants b) c) d) new leaves
Bees often pollinate flowers as they fly from plant to plant.
a) move pollen to seed-making part b) c) d) remove pollen to make seeds
A pine tree is an example of a coniferous tree.
a) describes trees tht grow cones to make seeds b) c) d) describes plants with a strong scent
Seeds can germinate if they have the right amounts of water, light and air.
a) start to grow b) c) d) live a long time
A new plant gets food from its seed leaf at first.
a) part of a seed that has food b) c) d) green part of a seed
We can learn about plants of the past by looking at fossils.
a) marks left in rock b) c) d) plants no longer alive
The root system of a plant takes in water and minerals.
a) parts that work together b) c) d) small parts
Many plants that once grew on Earth are now extinct.
a) no longer alive b) c) d) smaller
What structures help keep a cactus from losing too much water?
a) stems with a thick, waxy covering b) tubers c) thorns d) woody stems
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