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Organelles called plastids for found in
a) Plants b) Amoebas c) Animals d) Ribosomes
Which organelles contain digestive enzymes that break down food?
a) Lysosomes b) Ribosomes c) Mitochondria d) Nucleoli
The structure that provides the framework for the cell is the
a) Cytoskeleton b) Eukaryote c) Flagellum d) Cilia
Microfilaments and microtubules help some unicellular organisms
a) Move b) Reproduce c) Eliminate wastes d) Digest food
What is the name given to the specialized structures inside the cell?
a) Organelle b) Organ c) Tissue d) System
An organism that is composed of several cells is considered to be
a) Multicellular b) Unicellular c) Bicellular d) Prokaryote
What is the name of the substance that fills living cells?
a) Cytoplasm b) Organs c) Nucleus d) Plastids
Bacteria are examples of what kind of cells
a) Prokaryotes b) Eukaryotes c) Multicellular d) Bicellular
What structure is found inside the nucleus and makes ribosomes?
a) Nucleolous b) Chromatin c) Flagella d) Vacuole
What organelle is responsible to organizing, packaging, and distributing?
a) Golgi apparatus b) Vacuole c) Mitochondria d) Centrioles
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