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The classification group ‘species’ shows
a) greatest similarity b) a little similarity c) no similarity d)
Using a host cell is how __________ reproduce their selves.
a) fungi b) bacteria c) viruses d)
When an organism can not make its own food it is called
a) autotrophic b) heterotrophic c) hungry d)
The scientific name for a Monarch Butterfly is Danaus plexipus, this refers to its
a) kingdom/species b) genus/species c) genus/phylum d)
A cell that has a formed nucleus is called
a) eukaryote b) prokaryote c) autotrophic d)
A cell which does not have a formed nucleus and is found in bacteria is called
a) eukaryote b) prokaryote c) protists d)
How many kingdoms of organisms are there?
a) Three b) Five c) Ten d)
A frog would be found in which kingdom
a) fungi b) protista c) animal d)
Pathogenic bacteria can cause diseases that cannot be cured
a) True b) False c) Only in the USA d)
Which type of animal has a backbone?
a) Invertebrate b) Vertebrate c) Species d)
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