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the lowest hourly wage an employer can legally pay a worker
a) compensatory time b) contingency fee c) minimum wage d) Fair Labor Standards Act
charges brought by the government against a person or business
a) affirmtive action b) felony c) criminal law d) civil law
a government plan to provide access to jobs for people who have suffered discrimination in the past
a) criminal law b) misdemeanor c) affirmtive action d) civil law
a less serious crime
a) civil law b) criminal law c) misdemeanor d) affirmtive action
a serious crime punishable by imprisonment or death
a) affirmtive action b) felony c) misdemeanor d) civil law
unequal treatment based on factors such as religion, race, gender, nationality, etc...
a) discrimination b) civil law c) sexual harassment d) affirmative action
any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature
a) discrimination b) civil law c) affirmative action d) sexual harassment
applies to conflicts between private parties, concerning rights and obligations
a) criminal law b) affirmative action c) discrimination d) civil law
paid time off from work in exchange for working overtime
a) collective bargaining b) compensatory time c) contingency fee d) minimum wage
lawyers may take this fee which is a percentage of any money won in a lawsuit
a) minimum wage b) contingency fee c) collective bargaining d) compensatory time
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