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Anne Frank Act 2: Question Preview (ID: 8014)

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Mrs. Frank's response to Mr. Van Daan's stealing the bread is not typical of her behavior in the earlier scenes
a) True b) False c) d)  
Which pair of words best characterizes Mr. Frank when the Nazis are breaking down the door to the hiding place
a) panicked and hysterical b) calm and hopeful c) angry and violent d) dazed and confused  
Margot is jealous of Anne's relationship with Peter
a) True b) False c) d)  
During the very serious scene where Mr. Van Daan is caught stealing bread, an audience would most likely laugh when:
a) Peter refuses to stay if his parents are forced to leave the hiding place b) Mr. Dussel starts dividing up the supply of potatoes c) Mr. Frank suggests they go back to bed and discuss the incident in the morning d) Mrs. Frank tells the Van Daans they have to leave the hiding place  
Who discovers that Mr. Van Daan has been sneaking food at night?
a) Anne b) Mr. Dussel c) Mr. Kraler d) Mrs. Frank  
Peter admires Anne because
a) she is quiet and shy b) she is so similar to her sister, Margot c) she knows how to stand up for herself when criticized by the adults d) she is not afraid of the Nazis  
When Anne advises Peter to think himself out, she means that he should:
a) Keep quiet instead of arguing with Mr.Dussel b) use his imagination to escape the hiding place c) keep a diary of his thoughts and feelings d) not to talk to anyone but her  
For what reason does Mr. Kraler think of the workman is blackmailing the group?
a) the man keeps asking about the franks b) the man asks for a raise c) the man mentions a door behind the bookcase d) all of the other answers are correct  
At the beginning of the second Act, the group has been in hiding
a) close to two years b) a few months c) a few weeks d) five years  
Mr. Van Daan feels no remorse for sneaking food during the night.
a) True b) False c) d)  
The scene in which Mr. Van Daan gives Miep his wife's fur coat to sell, helps to characterize him as:
a) helpful b) humourous c) selfish d) generous  
Anne accuses Peter of having an inferiority complex (putting yourself down) because:
a) he dislikes Mr. Dussel b) says he's not very smart c) he is not romantically interested in Anne d) he keeps looking for his lost cat  
The last line of the play is spoken by:
a) Mr. Kraler b) Miep c) Anne d) Mr. Frank  
What important development in the war interrupts the conflict created by Mr. Van Daan's stealing of the bread?
a) the bombing of Pearl Harbor b) D-Day c) the Japanese surrender d) the Russians joining the Allied forces  
The characters who want to answer the ringing phone are:
a) Mr. and Mrs. Frank b) Mr. Van Daan and Mr. Dussel c) Mr. Frank and Mr. Dussel d) Anne and Peter  
What incident causes Mr. Dussel to accuse Mrs. Van Daan of giving her husband larger servings of food than the others receive?
a) the cutting of the New Year's cake that Miep brings them b) when Mr. Dussel catches Mr. Van Daan stealing food c) the disappearance of Mouschi d) the Hanukkah celebration  

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