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Anne Frank Act 2: Question Preview (ID: 8014)

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At the beginning of the second Act, the group has been in hiding
a) close to two years b) a few months c) a few weeks d) five years  
The group decides to deal with the possibility of blackmail by
a) firing the man b) offering the man half of the money he has requested c) offering the man more money than he has requested d) telling the man the truth about the group in the hiding place  
Peter admires Anne because
a) she is quiet and shy b) she is so similar to her sister, Margot c) she knows how to stand up for herself when criticized by the adults d) she is not afraid of the Nazis  
Anne and her mother disagree about
a) what is happening to the group's food supply b) what Anne should write about in her diary c) whether Anne should wear Margot's clothes d) whether Anne should spend time with Peter behind closed doors  
Who discovers that Mr. Van Daan has been sneaking food at night?
a) Anne b) Mr. Dussel c) Mr. Kraler d) Mrs. Frank  
The phone that rings repeatedly in the office worries the group because
a) they are expecting a call from Miep b) the phone never rings on a Sunday c) it is Friday and no employees have shown up for work d) when Mr. Dussel answered the phone, he gave his name to the caller  
Which pair of words best characterizes Mr. Frank when the Nazis are breaking down the door to the hiding place
a) panicked and hysterical b) calm and hopeful c) angry and violent d) dazed and confused  
Margot is jealous of Anne's relationship with Peter
a) True b) False c) d)  
Mrs. Frank's response to Mr. Van Daan's stealing the bread is not typical of her behavior in the earlier scenes
a) True b) False c) d)  
The Frank family was German
a) True b) False c) d)  

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