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Where, in Virginia, would you find the tallest mountains?
a) Blue Ridge Mountains b) Coastal Plains c) Appalachian Plateau d)
Scientist need what kind of seismic data to determine the epicenter of an earthquake?
a) P & S waves arrival time b) height of earthquake c) data from 2 seismograph stations d)
How are sedimentary rocks formed?
a) molten magma b) heat & pressure c) weathering & erosion d)
When two continental plates move toward each other, what happens to the ocean floor between them?
a) it is shoved on top of the other plate b) it is shoved underneath the other plate c) it explodes d)
Which is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust?
a) hydrogen b) nitrogen c) oxygen d)
Which of these examples are NOT characteristic of metamorphic rock?
a) bending from pressure b) flattened crystals c) holes from trapped gases d)
Which type of rock comes from the solidification of molten magma?
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d)
Tectonic plates that grind past one another are called:
a) normal faults b) thrust faults c) strike/slip(transform) boundary d)
Which occurs first in the formation of sedimentary rock?
a) weathering/erosion b) folding/faulting c) volcanic eruption d)
As sediments accumulate, the sediments at the bottom would be going through which part of the rock cycle?
a) melting, b) weathering, c) compaction/cementation d)
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