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Mendel called plants that received different alleles for a trait from each parent ____.
a) genotypes b) dominant c) hybrids d) phenotypes
Frogs hear with their ____.
a) tongue b) nostrils c) eyes d) tympanic membranes
In a Punnett square, a capital letter stands for a ____ allele.
a) homozygous b) dominant c) heterozygous d) recessive
____ is/are NOT a characteristic of all primates.
a) Flexible shoulders b) Binocular vision c) A large brain d) Opposable thumbs
Which of these is a molecule?
a) Ca b) Na c) Mg d) H2O
The first name of the organism's scientific name is the ____.
a) genus b) species c) family d) order
Organic compounds always contain ____.
a) water b) nitrogen c) oxygen d) carbon
A group of organs working together to perform a certain function is a(n) ____.
a) tissue b) organism c) organ system d) organ
Of the following, which is NOT an amphibian?
a) frog b) fish c) toad d) salamander
Things too small to be seen with other microscopes may be viewed with a(n) ____.
a) electron microscope b) simple microscope c) brightfield microscope d) compound light microscope
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