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What is the shallowest part of the continental margin?
a) continental rise b) continental shelf c) continental slope d)
Which of the following is formed as a result of underwater erosion by wave action?
a) abyssal plains b) guyots c) ridges d) seamounts
Where does the continental plate end?
a) abyssal plains b) continental rise c) continental shelf d) continental slope
Which features are hot springs that form along mid-ocean ridges?
a) hot spot volcanoes b) island arcs c) hydrothermal vents d) submarine canyons
Which are the most prominent feature of the ocean floor and can be seen from satellites?
a) abyssal plains b) guyots c) mid-ocean ridges d) trenches
Which structures cover half of the ocean floor and are very flat areas?
a) abyssal plains b) ridges c) submarine canyons d) tablemounts
This feature usually has a steep drop off and can be an upwelling area.
a) continental rise b) continental shelf c) continental slope d) submarine canyon
Which can be used to make bathymetric maps of the ocean floor?
a) echosounding b) sonar c) surface buoys d) all of these can be used
Which v-shaped stuctures dominant the continental slope from New York to Maryland?
a) abyssal plains b) guyots c) submarine canyons d) trenches
What are volcanic features along the ocean floor less than 1000 meters?
a) abyssal hills b) guyots c) seamounts d) trenches
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