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Who created the first movie projector in the United States?
a) Henry Ford b) Charlie Chaplin c) Thomas Edison d) Charles Lindbergh
What is the process called of creating many products exactly alike?
a) assembly line b) mass production c) factories d) product assembly
Which person wrote many poems during the Harlem Renaissance?
a) Jacob Lawrence b) Louis Armstrong c) Bessie Smith d) Langston Hughes
Which amendment to the Constitution ended prohibition?
a) 21st b) 19th c) 18th d) 1st
What American sport grew out of bootlegging?
a) Nascar racing b) football c) baseball d) horse racing
Which city did Henry Ford build his car empire in?
a) Chicago b) New York c) Los Angeles d) Detroit
A time of great African American creativity in arts, literature and music:
a) Prohibition b) Civil Rights Movement c) Harlem Renaissance d) Jazz Age
Which man invented the radio?
a) Guglielmo Marconi b) David Sarnoff c) Thomas Edison d) Frank Conrad
Which famous movie actor of the 20s died suddenly in 1926?
a) Charlie Chaplin b) Mary Langford c) Clark Gable d) Rudolph Valentino
What was added to movies in 1927?
a) musical scores b) technicolor c) special effects d) sound that allowed talking
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