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Which feature of water explains why water has high surface tension?
a) water diffuses into cells b) water's resistance to temperature changes c) water is a polar molecule d) water expands when it freezes
Which of the following applies to a water molecule?
a) Water is a nonpoplar molecule b) The atoms in water are bonded by ionic bonds. c) The weak bond between two water molecules is a covalent bond. d) Water molecules have a negatively charged end and a positively charged end.
__________ occurs from areas of higher concentration.
a) hydrogen bonds b) polar molecule c) diffusion d) dynamic equilibrium
Result of diffusion where there is continuous movement of particles but no overall change in concentration.
a) dynamic equilibrium b) hydrogen bonds c) diffusion d) polar molecule
Weak chemical bond formed by the attrraction of positively charged hydrogen atoms to other negatively charged atoms
a) polar molecule b) diffusion c) hydrogen bonds d) dynamic equilibrium
Any substance that forms hydroxide ions (OH-) in water and has a pH above 7.
a) polar molecule b) base c) acid d) neutral
Any substance that forms hydrogen ions (H+) in water and has a pH below 7.
a) polar molecule b) base c) acid d) neutral
The property that describes the ability of water molecules to stick to each other.
a) cohesion b) adhesion c) density d) pH
The property that describes water molecules ability to stick to other surfaces.
a) cohesion b) adhesion c) density d) pH
A molecule with an unequal distribution of charge, resulting in the molecule having a positive end and a negative end.
a) nonpolar b) polar c) hydrogen d) pH
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