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What is a system that involves finding customers and keeping them satisfied?
a) Selling b) Sales Management c) Loyalty Program d) Customer Relationship Management
What is a written report that documents a sales representative\'s visit with a customer?
a) Will Call b) Call Report c) Invoice d) Sales Quota
Which of the following is apart of Sales Management?
a) Playing Around b) Selling c) Training d) Buying
What is any form of direct contact between a salesperson and a customer?
a) Personal Selling b) Industrial Selling c) Organizational Selling d) Retail Selling
What is a visit without an appointment?
a) Meeting b) Will Call c) Cold Call d) Visiting
Which of the following is a type of Customer Decision Making?
a) Limited Decision Making b) Purschase Decision Making c) Objective Decision Making d) Layaway Decision Making
Which of the following is NOT a product feature?
a) Basic Features b) Extended Product Features c) Physical Features d) Texture Features
What are reasons a customer buys a product?
a) Endless Chain b) Referrals c) Buying Motives d) Prospecting
Which of the following is NOT a type of approach?
a) Selling Approach b) Merchandise Approach c) Service Approach d) Greeting Approach
What type of words should you use when speaking to a customer?
a) College Terms b) Selling Terms c) Old English Terms d) Layman\'s Terms
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