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A flashlight is used to communicate with a person. What is the receiver?
a) the boat b) the person's eyes c) that air d) the lake
What is the primary function of a hand held sign?
a) receiver b) medium c) material d) transmitter
Which map will tell if an area could flood?
a) map of bus routes b) map showing elevations of ground surfaces c) map of schools d) map of ocean
What is an example of an assistive device?
a) contact lens b) motorcycle c) water d) raincoat
A ramp in front of a building is most likely used as
a) device b) structural support c) an assistive device d) suspension system
What material would be best to make a drill bit?
a) copper b) gold c) aluminum d) steel
Which is the most useful tool to tighten a mechanical fastener?
a) pliers b) chisel c) saw d) sander
Which is the best material to use to attach a sigh to poles?
a) nails b) ropes c) staples d) tape
Which set of tools is most appropriate to design and construct a wood crate?
a) hammer, wrench b) nails, drill c) measuring tape, hand saw, nails, hammer d) wood, stapler
Screwdrivers and wrenchs are used in which step of the manufacturing process?
a) shaping b) cutting c) finishing d) assembling
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