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_____ is the samurai code of honor.
a) heresy b) jihad c) cureiform d) bushido
The rulers of Egypt were _____.
a) plebeians b) samurabi c) Kremlin d) pharaohs
_____ means rebirth.
a) Renaissance b) Hammurabi c) Kremlin d) Crusade
____ is acting against the official teaching of a religious authority.
a) democracy b) jihad c) heresy d) culture
The Russian center or church and government is known as the _____.
a) Hammurabi b) Constantine c) Bushido d) Kremlin
The greatest contribution of the Greeks was _____.
a) war b) democracy c) dictatorship d) kings
A Japanese warrior is a _____.
a) Nazi b) kamakazi c) samurai d) marine
_____ created the first law code.
a) Hammurabi b) Constantine c) Newton d) Pharaohs
The _____ was the Christian military journey to win the Holy Land.
a) jihad b) crusade c) pilgrimage d) bushido
The customs, values, and language of a people is _____.
a) religion b) democracy c) plebeians d) culture
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