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What is the name for the nitrogenous waste in mammals
a) uric acid b) amino acid c) urea d) ammonium
The area of the kidney where the distal convoluted tubule is found
a) capsule b) medulla c) cortex d) pelvis
The 2 functions of the nephron
a) ultrafiltration and absorption b) ultrafiltration and excretion c) absorption and excretion d) deamination and ultrafiltration
The name of the tube leading to the bladder from the kidney
a) urethra b) renal vein c) vena cava d) ureter
The area where urine is collected in the kidney
a) pelvis b) cortex c) lumen of the nephron d) medulla
Name of the capillaries in the renal capsule
a) Bowman's b) afferent arteriole c) glurmoluous d) glomerulus
Name for the main filtering layer
a) endothelium b) lumen c) basement membrane d) podocytes
The name of the blood vessel entering the capsule
a) efferent arteriole b) afferent arteriole c) effervent arteriole d) affervent arteriole
The region where glucose is reabsorbed
a) bowman's capsule b) proximal convoluted tubule c) distal convoluted tubule d) loop of henle
Term for controlling water balance
a) osmoreglation b) homeostatsis c) negative feedback d) positive feedback
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