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This organelle synthesizes proteins.
a) mitochondria b) vacuoles c) ribosome d) chloroplast
These organelles work together to capture and release energy.
a) ribosomes and centrioles b) ER and ribosomes c) chloroplasts and mitochondria d) ER and Golgi
This organelle processes and packages proteins it receives from the rER.
a) Golgi Body b) Cell Membrane c) Ribosome d) Mitochondria
Which of the following structures is NOT found in prokaryotes?
a) ribosomes b) nuclear membrane c) nucleic acids d) cell membrane
This organelle uses radiant energy, water, and carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates.
a) mitochondria b) rER c) ribosomes d) chloroplast
This organelle releases chemical energy from food molecules, such as carbohydrates.
a) mitochondria b) Golgi Body c) nucleus d) ribosomes
The plasma cell membrane allows some substances, but not all substances to pass through. For this reason, it is called . . .
a) perforated b) osmotic c) semi-permeable (or selectively permeable) d) defective
Which of the following is a biological catalyst?
a) glucose b) DNA c) enzymes d) carbon dioxide
Which of the following is NOT a type of passive transport?
a) osmosis b) proton pumps c) simple diffusion d) faciliated diffusion
Which of the following is NOT a cell?
a) virus b) eukaryote c) protist d) prokaryote
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