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A manager who respects the feelings and needs of the people (s)he works with is displaying
a) cooperation b) objectivity c) understanding d) communication
A leader who has the ambition and motivation to get work done without being asked is displaying ___.
a) courage b) initiative c) dependability d) intelligence
A manager who makes decisions carefully is exercising ___.
a) initiative b) objectivity c) confidence d) judgment
___ means looking at all sides of an issue before making a decision.
a) objectivity b) judgment c) stability d) cooperation
Being willing to make decisions and take responsibility for the results as known as ___.
a) courage b) confidence c) dependability d) initiative
A person who uses emotions appropriately is displaying ___.
a) honesty b) courage c) stability d) intelligence
Working well with others, recognizing others' strengths, and helping develop effective group relationships are part of ___.
a) understanding b) communication c) objectivity d) cooperation
Someone willing to take reasonable risks and make unpopular decisions is displaying ___.
a) courage b) judgment c) confidence d) stability
Following through on commitments is one way to demonstrate ___.
a) initiative b) dependability c) honesty d) courage
People with ___ have the knowledge and understanding to perform well.
a) objectivity b) dependability c) judgment d) intelligence
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