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What biome do we live in?
a) Deciduous forest b) temperate grassland c) tropical rainforest d) Northwest coniferous forest
What biome has the most diversity?
a) tropical rain forest b) desert c) deciduous forest d) boreal forest
A common animal adaptation for dealing with cold weather would be
a) small extremeties b) large ears c) camouflage d) conserving water
What biome is closest to the equator?
a) tropical rain forest b) desert c) tundra d) temperate grassland
What biome is the coldest?
a) tundra b) boreal forest c) deciduous forest d) tropical grassland
What is the term for when an animal leaves an area to go to one more inhabitable?
a) migration b) nocturnal c) dormancy d) hibernation
Which of the following is an adaptation of conifers?
a) a triangular shape b) have buttress roots c) have broad leaves d) lose their needles all at once
Which biome has permafrost?
a) tundra b) boreal forest c) deserts d) tropical grasslands
Which biome is found on every continent except Antarctica?
a) grasslands (temperate and tropical) b) desert c) temperate forest d) tundra
Which of the following biomes has the least amount of precipitation?
a) tundra b) temperate forest c) tropical grassland d) temperate grassland
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